Georgia Water Resources Institute activities are sponsored by (i) the Department of the Interior/USGS as part of the state and national research programs, and (ii) other national and international funding agencies and organizations supporting research in water related areas.

Research at GWRI

In addition to the 104B and 104G programs, GWRI generates additional funding through participation in competitive national and international research programs. Recent funding has been provided by sponsors such as the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, the California Energy Commission, NOAA, and the ACF Stakeholders. The GWRI involvement in national and international research activities is crucial to maintaining the expert capacity and funding portfolio necessary to provide quality services to the state of Georgia and all other sponsors. Click hear to learn more about research conducted at GWRI.

Research Sponsored by GWRI

Through its annual state and national competitive programs (104b and 104g), GWRI provides research awards to Georgia Universities. The award process includes submission of technical proposals, technical peer reviews, and reviews for relevance to Georgia needs. Click hear to learn more about research sponsored by GWRI.