GWRI Staff

GWRI staff include a Director, an Associate Director for Research, an Assistant Director for Technology Transfer, and several Research Associates. GWRI staff both administer and participate in the GWRI research and technology transfer activities. The GWRI office is located at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee membership includes representatives of major state and federal water agencies, environmental organizations, and the private sector. The role of the Advisory Committee is to provide guidance on state research priorities and help select projects for funding.

Associated Faculty

Each year, GWRI funding is disseminated to faculty at Georgia Univerisities on a competitive basis. GWRI associated faculty includes GWRI funding recipients as well as faculty collaborating with GWRI on various research and technology transfer initiatives.

Georgia Universities eligible for GWRI funding
(map by the Georgia University System Board of Regents website – )